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Wild Game & Domestic Animal Processing

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Wild Game Processing


You will definitely taste the difference when we process your wild game or exotic animal.  

Our recipes, expert butchering and packaging keeps customers coming back year after year.  

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Domestic Animal Processing


We are able to process your previously slaughtered domestic animals.  

Domestic Animals accepted for processing include: Beef, Buffalo, Pork, Lamb and Goat.  

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We accept bone-in, boneless and ground meat as well as whole carcasses for processing.  Meat can be dropped off at our receiving door located behind the West 29th Marketplace Shopping Center at 5650 West 29th Ave. in Wheat Ridge.


Your meat will be weighed and assigned an invoice/production number.  This invoice number will stay with your meat until pickup.  To ensure accuracy, each species has a specific colored intake tag.


After your meat has been weighed and a production/invoice number has been assigned, you will be directed to our office to place your order.  View Our Available Products Now!

Steaks, Roast, Burger (Part I)

Based on your personalized order, we will process your meat into steaks, roast and burger.  This process takes 7-10 days.  You will be given a final pickup date at the time of your order.  All Part I Orders must be picked up by the date listed on the invoice or storage fees will begin to apply.  Any meat that will be used for sausage or jerky will be set aside.

Sausage/Jerky Production (Part II)

Once your order number is in line for production, we will use your meat to produce any sausage or jerky ordered.  Your sausage or jerky is packaged and labeled with your invoice number.  You will be notified once this step is complete.  Please refer to your invoice for additional days and times.

Time Frame

Because each animal is processed individually, our process does take time.  Depending upon the season and what is included in your order, the production of sausage and jerky could take 2 to 12 weeks.  We pride ourselves on making sure one animal = one batch and that is something that can't be rushed.  

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Our Products

Custom Cut Processing


Our Basic Processing includes your choice of Burger, Steaks, Roasts, or Stew Meat.  

Award Winning Sausages


We offer a wide selection of Fresh Sausages to choose from.  Fresh Sausage is available in Bulk or Link.  Both are produced by hand and packaged in 1 lb. packages. To make our sausages, we combine your meat with All-Natural Pork Butts so 1 lb. of your meat in equals 2 lbs. out.

Smoked Logs & Sticks


Smoked Sausages and Sticks are available in a wide variety of flavors including Pepperoni, Teriyaki Red Pepper and Jalapeno & Cheese.  All smoked products are combined with All-Natural Pork Butts so you'll have more to enjoy.



We offer Ground and Whole Muscle Jerky in a variety of flavors.  Please note that our jerky marinates for a minimum of 7 days so production time will be longer than your sausages.  

Wild Game Bacon


Your read that right!  We were the first in Colorado to offer Wild Game Bacon.  This bacon is great added to any sandwich or omelet and can be enjoyed on its own. 

Brick Chili


Our Award Winning Chili combines your game meat with our special spices to create a great base for you to enjoy year round.  


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