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Wild Game Cuts



The loin or back strap, runs the length of the backbone and provides an excellent steak or roast.  You can elect to have your loins cut or packaged whole.  All loin steaks are packaged for a family of two.



The tenderloin, tenders, are found on the opposite side of the loin and tucked under the spine just forward of the pelvis.  The tenders will be your most enjoyable cut.  Packaged whole.



The sirloin comes from the hindquarter of the animal and is a tender cut.  Sirloins can be cut into roasts or steaks and used for a variety of dishes.  Packaged for a family of two.

Round Steaks


Round Steaks come from the hindquarter of the animal but are not as tender as the sirloin.  Can be cut into roasts or steaks or used for sausage, burger or jerky.  Steaks are packaged for a family of two while roasts are packaged whole. 



Roasts can come from your front shoulder or hindquarter.  The more roasts that you have leads to fewer steaks and less burger.  Packaged whole.



Burger comes from the trim and excess steaks and roasts not used.  Packaged in 1 lb. Chubs.  

Wild Game Recipes

Known Allergens

Please Take Caution

Wild Game meat comes from animals that are not monitored for health and do not have a structured feeding schedule.  Based on the knowledge we have, most wild game animals eat a variety of wild grass and weeds.  If you have an allergy to grass, weeds or hay it is suggested you not eat wild game processed at our facility.

We do use ingredients in our sausages, jerky and other products that do contain:






The spices we use can be produced in a plant that handles nuts.  

Because our spices and ingredients we use are proprietary information, we will not disclose our full ingredient list.  

If you have any allergy to any item listed above, it is recommend that you do not eat products made in our processing facility.