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Wild Game & Domestic Animal Processing



Do You Charge a Minimum Processing Fee?

Yes.  To help cover costs, a minimum processing fee will be charged.  If your carcass/meat weight and processing costs are over our minimum fees, no additional fees will be added to your invoice.  Please see our 2018 Price Guide for more details.

Do You Charge Skinning Fees?

Yes.  If you wish to keep your hide we charge skinning fees from $25 to $100 depending upon the species.  If you wish to donate your hide there is a $10 fee.  Please refer to our 2018 Price Guide for more details.  

Do You Charge Cleaning Fees?

Yes.  Dry, Dirty, Hairy and Blood Shot/Excessively Shot animals create more work for our staff and will be charged cleaning fees.  Any carcass/meat charged a cleaning fee can expect a 15-25% maximum yield.  We reserve the right to refuse any animal for any reason.  We will refuse carcass/meat that does not meet our standards.  Please take care when handling your carcass/meat.

Can I Change My Order?

No.  Because we operate a production line once your order is entered into our system we are unable to make changes.   We review your order with you prior to performing a final submission into our system.  It is your responsibility to ensure your order is correct prior to signing our invoice.

Can Anyone Drop-Off My Meat?

You can assign another person over the age of 18 to drop-off your meat and place your order for you.  However, it is highly recommended that you discuss in detail the products and services you desire with that person prior to arriving at our location.  We will not be responsible for errors made by another party when submitting your order.  

Will You Store My Meat While I Decide What I Want?

Yes.  We will store your meat/carcass for a $50 per day storage fee.  This fee is payable in cash only.  Storage is based on availability and offered only on a first come, first serve basis.

Do You Accept Reservations?

At this time, we do not accept reservations.   Please refer to our Contact Page to see our current hours.  Please note that on occasion, we will meet our maximum capacity prior to our closing time.  It is recommended that you contact us or visit our Facebook page to confirm we are still accepting.

Can I Donate My Animal?

Yes, we gladly accept donations of game legally hunted in Colorado.  There is a $25 processing fee charge on any donation to help cover costs.

Do You Accept Frozen Meat?

During the months of January, February, March, April, May, August and September we will accept frozen quarters or meat.  All rules and regulations established by the Division must be met.  

Do I Need My Invoice to Pickup?

Yes!  Please keep the copy of your invoice with you and have it available at the time of pickup.  We do not file orders by name.  Each carcass/meat is assigned an Invoice/Order number at drop-off - this number stays with your carcass/meat throughout the entire process.  Your Invoice proves your ownership!  Orders will not be released without an Invoice. 

Can You Store My Order Until I'm Ready to Pickup?

No.  Unfortunately, we do not have the space to store your order until you are ready to pick it up.  Part I of your order will be complete in 10 days.  You will receive a phone call and you can check the status of your order here.  If your Part I is not picked up by the date listed on your invoice, a $5 per day storage fee will begin to apply.  Once your Part II order is complete, you will have 1 week to pickup before a $35 per week ($5/day) storage fee begins to apply.  

Can You Save My Bones?

Due to health and safety regulations, we are unable to save bones for customers.  If you wish to keep your bones, please plan ahead as we are not able to allow you to debone your animal at our location.

The Fine Print

Things You Should Know...

Presentation of tags and licenses are required prior to acceptance of your carcass/meat.  

Processing charges are based on the hanging weight of your animal as it is received.

Animals typically lose 3 to 5 pounds in moisture loss while hanging.  We do not recommend aging your game meat longer than the processing would normally take.

Loss from cutting and shrinkage can range from 30% to 50% depending upon the condition of the carcass/meat as we receive it.  

Because these are wild animals, we CANNOT and WILL NOT be responsible for the quality and nutritional value of your meat.  All wild animals eat, drink and live different lives therefore each animal will cut, grind and taste different regardless of how many times you have hunted in the same area.  As a reminder, there is no rancher in the field monitoring the health of your animal - it is your responsibility as a hunter to ensure you are taking healthy animals and caring for them properly.

We are not responsible for excess cutting losses due to dirtiness or improperly maintained meat.  

Because our sausages and jerky are handmade, we reserve the right to be +/- 0.50 lbs. on each order.  

All orders over 20 lbs. REQUIRE the proper documentation.  

Because we are regulated by the Division, we must follow their rules and regulations.  We are required to report suspicious activity.  Refunds will not be issued on any carcass/meat that is seized by the Division.  

All Sales Are Final.


Bulk Sausage Packaging

Breakfast Bulk


Our Breakfast Bulk Sausage will be packaged in a poly chub and tied with Blue Tape.

Chorizo Bulk


Our Chorizo Bulk Sausage will be packaged in a poly chub and tied with Green Tape.

Italian Bulk


Our Italian Bulk Sausage will be packaged in a poly chub and tied with Yellow Tape.