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Just For Kids

Benefits of Teaching Children to Hunt

Children like to do whatever the adults in their life do.  Teaching children to hunt helps develop positive life skills like discipline, patience, endurance and learning to deal with disappointment.  We all can agree that these skills will help children develop into well-rounded adults.  Besides life skills, there are several other benefits of teaching your child to hunt.

1. Bonding Time

2. Creating Family Traditions

3. Teaching Conservation

4. Connecting to the Outdoors

5. Promoting Health & Fitness

6. Teaching Responsibility

9. Building Confidence

10. Teaching Gun Safety

Plus, teaching children to hunt will help this sport thrive for generations to come.  

Dinosaur Hunting

We've created a special Dinosaur Hunting Program just for kids.   It's a simple way to get the kids excited about the sport and have fun while your dropping off your game.  

1. Download the Dinosaur Hunting License.

2. Help your child give a written description and draw a picture of the dinosaur they tagged on the back of the license.

3. Return the license to Rocky Mountain Meats for a small gift as a token of our appreciation for helping control the Dinosaur population.  

Go to download


dino hunt license (pdf)