Wild Game Status

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In addition to your order being listed on this page, you will receive a phone call informing you that your order is ready.  Completed orders are also posted on our Facebook page. 

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Part I

All Part I Orders have been called.  Please check your invoices for your pickup date.  


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Picking Up Your Order

You will pickup at the same location you dropped off at.  Please have your invoice with you when you come.  Orders will not be released without your invoice.  We will review your order with you.   Because we cannot guarantee how your order was handled after it has left our property, please take a moment when we are reviewing your order with you, we will not be responsible for missing items or broken packages after your order has left our property.

Storage Fees

Due to the volume of our business, we do not have room to store your order.  Pickup times and fees will be strictly enforced.  Please refer to your invoice for a detailed listing of pickup dates and times as well as further details on our fee process.  Orders not picked up after 60 days from the first notification will be considered abandoned and disposed of accordingly without refund to the customer. 

Domestic Animal Status

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All Domestic Processing Orders will be posted here as well as receive a phone call.

The following orders are ready for pickup:

No Orders At This Time.

Storage Fees

Please refer to your invoice for additional information about storage fees.