Wild Game & Domestic Animal Processing in Wheat Ridge Colorado

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Wild Game & Domestic Animal Processing

Printable Product list

Basic processing

What We Accept

We accept Bone-In, Quartered, and Boneless Meat.  We also will gladly accept your Whole Carcass and Previously Processed Meat.  

Minimum Fees

To help cover costs, a minimum processing fee.









Basic Processing

Basic Processing includes your choice of Steak, Roasts, and Burger.





Fees are based on hanging weight of the animal.

Skinning Fees

If a hunter wishes to have his hide returned the following fees will apply:










$25.00 + Skinning

Because of our Partnership with Rocky Mountain Tanners, if you elect to give your hide to them a $10 skinning fee will apply.

Cleaning Fees

Improperly cared for animals create additional work for our staff.  

The following cleaning fees will apply:

Dry Animals   $0.20/lb.

Dirty Animals   $0.20/lb.

Hairy Animals   $0.20/lb.

Blood Shot/Excessive Shots   $0.20/lb.

Upon intake if your animal is coded as any of the above mentioned items, you can only expect a 15-25% yield as we will cut and trim all dirty, dry, hairy and blood shot meat.

If an animal is excessively dry, dirty, hairy or shot WE WILL REFUSE THE ANIMAL.

Storage Fees

Your invoice will indicate the date you need to pickup your Basic Processing.  All Basic Processing orders need to be picked up by the date on the invoice or a $5 per day storage fee will begin to apply.

We DO NOT have space to store your order.  Storage fees and pickup fees will be strictly enforced.

By leaving your meat/animal with us, you are agreeing that you understand our pickup policies and storage fees.

Wild Game Cuts

basic processing add-ons

Fat for Burger

Basic Processing includes up to 10% Beef Fat in your burger.  For an additional charge you may add any of the following:

Pork Fat


Lamb Fat


Beef Fat (Over 10%)


Fat is charged on a percentage ratio. 

Seasoned Burger

Add a little spice to your burger.  We will grind in any of the following ingredients to your burger:



Green Chili & Cheese


Jalapeno & Cheese


Seasoned Burger selections are charged on a percentage ratio.  We grind to a 10:1 ratio.

Additional Services

Stew Meat


Inedible Meat Packaged (Ideal for Pet Food)


A $25 Donation Fee is charged on any animal that is being donated to help cover the cost of processing.



Live Weight                    410 Pounds

Field Dressed                 313 Pounds

Hide, Head, Legs            - 87 Pounds

Bones                                   - 74 Pounds 

Fat & Inedible Meat     -19 Pounds

Remaining Weight       135 Pounds

Animals typically lose 3 to 5 pounds in moisture loss while hanging.  Loss from cutting and shrinkage can range from 30% to 50% depending upon the condition of the animal.  

More meat can be lost depending upon where the animal was shot and how the animal was cared for prior to dropping off at Rocky Mountain Meats (RMM).  

The above numbers are an example of a well-cared for cow elk and are not meant to guarantee you a certain number of pounds or yields.  Your animal may yield more or less depending upon the type of animal and how you care for the animal after the kill.  


Printable product & service list

Sausage, Jerky, Chili and bacon

Fresh Sausage


Breakfast Bulk (Blue Tape)

Chorizo Bulk (Green Tape)

Italian Bulk (Yellow Tape)

Andouille Link

Breakfast Link

Sweet Breakfast Link

Chorizo Link

German Link

Italian Link

Hot Italian Link

Polish Link

Cheddar Dogs


Cheddar Bratwurst

Jalapeno & Cheese Bratwurst

Prices range from $3.50 to $4.50/lb.

Smoked Sausage


Salami Log

Summer Sausage Log

Jalapeno & Cheese Log

Pepperoni Sticks

Teriyaki Sticks

Teriyaki Red Sticks

Cheddar Sticks

Jalapeno & Cheese Sticks

Prices range from $4.00 to $7.50/lb.



Ground Jerky


Red Pepper

Black Pepper

Whole Muscle


Teriyaki Red Pepper

Red Pepper

Black Pepper

Prices range from $9.00 to $15.00/lb.

Save Money Purchase a Package



$135.00  Save 10% OFF RETAIL

10 lbs. Breakfast Bulk

10 lbs. Italian Bulk

10 lbs. Chorizo Bulk

10 lbs. Jalapeno & Cheese Log


$215.00  Save 20% OFF RETAIL

10 lbs. Breakfast Bulk

10 lbs. Italian Bulk

10 lbs. Andouille Link

10 lbs. Summer Sausage Log

10 lbs. Fresh Polish Link

10 lbs. Pepperoni Stick

Brick Chili & Bacon


Wild Game Bacon


Brick Chili


The Fine Print

Products do require a minimum order.

No substitutions or special orders are accepted.

Presentation of tags and licenses are required prior to acceptance of any animal over 20 lbs. and not previously processed.

All products except Burger and Bulk Sausages are Vacuum Sealed to ensure quality.

Burger and Bulk Sausages are packaged in plastic meat chubs.

We reserve the right to a +/- 0.50 lb. per item because all of our products are made by hand.